Monday, March 07, 2005


We're Gonna Have a Pow Wow! Pass the Peace Pipe

Spain is to host a conference which will coincide with anniversary of the Madrid train bombings.


The conference, which will include countries affected by terrorism, will cover the usual topics, such as what countries can do to cooperate with one another, stopping terrorist funding, and the role of the media. To top it all off, Kofi Annan will also make a policy statement. (Hmm...Let's see what he'll say... America is eeevil. If they would just drop all support of Israel, which is oppressing the poor dispossessed Palestinians, everything will be ok.)

Since this is Spain, there will be a soft approach to terrorism:

Spanish participants said last week that governments must address the causes of terrorism to defeat it, rather than lashing out as the United States did in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11 attacks on New York and Washington.

“The consensus ... is a ’soft’ power approach based on prevention — not like the United States has in mind, but (rather) with engagement with North African Muslim nations, economic development, assimilating and integrating immigrants into host nations,” said Charles Powell, a history professor at San Pablo-CEU University in Madrid.

Never mind that these people don't want to be assimilated or integrated into Western society. They want it the other way around. They make speak the language perfectly, but that doesn't stop things like honor killings.

The Arab-Israeli conflict will be a key topic, along with democracy-building in parts of the world with authoritarian regimes.

Oh, so they'll come up with more ways of pressuring tiny Israel to commit suicide.

“I believe (the conference) is going to support the European style and not put force first; rather, only as the last resort,” said Andres Ortega, director of the Spanish edition of Foreign Policy magazine.

What do you mean last resort? It's been a year since Spain was attacked by terrorists, and now they're having a touchy-feeley conference to explore root causes? If they haven't used any force now, I think it's safe to say they never will.

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