Friday, March 11, 2005


Way Way Off Topic - Tonight's NYC Blogger Get Together

Originally, Karol decided to get some people together to visit Jessica and Lisa who were guest bartending at the Overlook Lounge. But it turned out to be a very fun blogger get together. It was nice seeing Karol, Dawn, F Train, Ace of Spades, Ari, Daily Lunch, Ivan Lenin, Ken, Mary, and Judith.

I also got to meet Dorian Davis, and Scott from Slantpoint for the first time, which was nice. It's good to be able to attach a live person to a blog.

The funniest part of the evening was when I was speaking with Ken about his rather graphic post on oral sex, and how women should return the favor -- every last step of the way. (Oy! I don't believe I'm evening writing this!) And by "every last step of the way" I mean -----------------------------------------------------sw------g.
Ken, Scott and F Train were all in strong agreement about the importance of this last step. And needless to say, they had quite a laugh at my shyness. Scott even asked me "just how much of a conservative are you?" Then they discussed how certain foods men eat fit into the equation. When I asked them how they knew this, they were quick to say that it wasn't from first hand experience, but rather from Playboy, Maxim and Glamour. Actually, I think it was Judith that mentioned Glamour.

It seems I also gave Ivan Lenin quite a laugh. We were talking about drinking. I told him I was done after not even a whole beer. So he asked me why. I said because I'm not much of a drinker, and when he asked why not, I told him that alcohol gives me a sore throat and cold the next day. He then said "ah, you just need to drink a beer and you'll be all better." Then he asked "what does excite you?" And I said "sushi." Then he asked if drink sake. So I told him flat out that I always drink the dumpling sauce. He laughed so hard he had to take off his glasses. But hey, dumpling sauce sometimes has sake in it! And I'm also a salt lover. Some people like sweets, I have a salty tooth! And you know what else? Salt is fine if you don't have a problem with high blood pressure. Mine is actually quite low, so there.

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