Monday, March 07, 2005


The Ongoing Saga of Giuliana Sgrena

Vilmar does an excellent job of providing background on the situation. And I agree completely with his take on it.

Naturally, the MSM is all over this, like flies on dog turd. The New York Times today wrote about how the killing of Italian intelligence agent Nicola Calipari will intensify Italy's opposition to the war. To back up that assertion, they offered only the following:

Sergio Romano, a former Italian ambassador to NATO and columnist with the influential newspaper Corriere della Sera, said the episode might nonetheless harden the desire for Mr. Berlusconi to move slowly toward a concrete withdrawal plan, especially given that Italy holds general elections in the spring of 2006.

"I think Berlusconi would want to have begun the withdrawal, at least, if not completed it," by the elections, Mr. Romano said.

Al-Reuters is also jumping into the fray by writing about how "Bulgaria said they (the U.S.) had probably shot dead one of its soldiers."

Al-Reuters continues with this lovely tidbit:

The controversy raised questions over whether U.S. troops are over-zealous in their efforts to crack down on insurgents, who killed at least 25 people in fresh attacks on Monday.

I also wouldn't want to leave out The Washington Post, which wrote about how a disproportionate number of civilians (local police, women and children) are being mistakenly killed at checkpoints in Iraq.

Now, call me a right wing lunatic, but how on earth is the U.S. military being over-zealous when our soldiers and Iraqis are being killed every day? If anything, they are acting with too much restraint, thanks to our terrorist loving establishment press and Democrat politicians. These are people who, my view, would make sacrificial animals of our soldiers so that the rest of the world will like us.

Have we become so complacent as Americans that we somehow think that war will be a neat little affair? Well hate to break it to you, but it never is.

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