Thursday, February 10, 2005


Silly Women

A married woman has written the following to Today Show contributor Dr. Gail Saltz:

My husband is the most unromantic man on earth. If he remembers Valentine’s Day at all, he gets me something like a flashlight. How can I make him understand that a household tool is not a suitable gift?

Personally, I have a very hard time understanding women who whine about their husbands/boyfriends being unromantic or cheap. I mean, these men just don't get that way overnight.

In the case of this moonbat, I'd like to know a few things. First off, how long has the husband's unromanticness been going on. Was it since they were first dating? If so, did this ditz think she could just change the guy once she bamboozled him into proposing marriage? Silly woman! You can't change people. You either accept them as they are or move on.

Or if the man's unromanticness had been evident from the start, did the woman just ignore it until now? If so, then why? What else is going on that such a thing would only now become an issue?

Now I'm of the opinion that romantic gestures are very important, for both men and women. Call me old fashioned, but if a man I'm dating forgets my birthday and/or buys me something like a toaster for Valentines Day, that would be a dealbreaker for me. And with men, unlike with women, what you see is what you get, never mind what you'll be getting in the future if you stay with them.

So getting back to this nitwit who's written to Dr. Saltz, if her husband is normally the romantic type but has suddenly changed, then THAT would be a problem.

In terms of Dr. Saltz, her final bit of advice is quite lame:

Dr. Gail’s Bottom Line: An unromantic man can learn to be romantic. But he can’t do it on his own — he needs you to both tell and show him.

Silly shrink!

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