Monday, February 14, 2005


Opinion's Swipe at Bloggers

Today's Featured Article attempts to defend Brett Stephens' late and dismissive coverage of the Eason Jordan/WEF scandal. Their justification is that Jordan's comment and his subsequent backpedaling were indeed lame, but not a journalistic felony. So to the Opinion Journal, it was not an especially newsworthy event. Yet they had to get in a few digs at bloggers:

It has been a particular satisfaction to the right wing of the so-called "blogosphere," the community of writers on the Web that has pushed the Eason story relentlessly and sees it as the natural sequel to the Dan Rather fiasco of last year.

In commenting about Jordan's "resignation" the writer takes another potshot at bloggers:

That may be old-fashioned damage control. But it does not speak well of CNN that it apparently allowed itself to be stampeded by this Internet and talk-show crew. Of course the network must be responsive to its audience and ratings. But it has other obligations, too, chief among them to show the good judgment and sense of proportion that distinguishes professional journalism from the enthusiasms and vendettas of amateurs.

So this moron writer, who didn't even bother to sign his name to this piece of written diarrhea feels that asking a prominent news executive to back up his slanderous, anti-American claims during a war when American lives are in danger, constitutes a vendetta.

The moron finally declares his real allegiance:

No doubt this point of view will get us described as part of the "mainstream media." But we'll take that as a compliment since we've long believed that these columns do in fact represent the American mainstream. We hope readers buy our newspaper because we make grown-up decisions about what is newsworthy, and what isn't.

Not if I, or any of the other right-wing bloggers can help it.

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