Wednesday, February 16, 2005


More on the Ilario Pantano Case offers more information regarding Ilario Pantano. According to the article, one witness said that when Pantano ordered the two Iraqis to stop, in Arabic, they moved *away* from him, whereas Pantano, through his lawyer, said the men moved towards him. (Many thanks to the Riding Sun blog who commented on my earlier post.)

But still, the men were told to stop, and they ignored Pantano.

The article also further goes on about how the original accuser says Pantano sent the other guards away, uncuffed the Iraqis, shot them in the back of the head, then put a mocking note as a warning on their bodies.

Yet this still does not make any sense to me, as I told fellow NYC blogger Experimental Insanity who also commented on my earlier post. If Pantano was so blood thirsty, why did he shoot the tires of the SUV the Iraqis used to escape rather than just lobbing a grenade and blowing the inhabitants to bits? Yet, Pantano is also being charged or may be charged with destruction of private property for ordering the Iraqi men to take apart the back seat of the SUV to search for weapons. How strange is that?

Also keep in mind that Pantano went on to serve very well for an additional three months.

Now earlier this afternoon, I placed a call to the Marine Corps press office. The captain I spoke with said they're just in the investigation phase now, and that Pantano has *not* been formally charged...and that reporters should keep that in mind.

I'll continue to keep you all posted.

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