Thursday, February 03, 2005


More on Eason Jordan

Via the World Economic Forum blog, CNN's Eason Jordan clarfies the comments he made in Davos, Switzerland

Now I just have this to say. The killing of a journalist or other civilian is unfortunate. But this is war, and the job of the soldiers is to kill the enemy combatants, not to shelter journalists. And if Jordan wants to call it a case of "mistaken identity" as opposed to "collateral damage" then fine. But it's not the same as the U.S. military deliberately going after journalists solely for the purpose of killing them.

Also notice how Jordan goes on about how CNN is not an American news organization even though they are based in the U.S.

In Jordan's defense, all I can say is that perhaps he was caught up in the excitement of the moment -- so much Arab tukhas to kiss, so little time.


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