Thursday, February 03, 2005


More Bad News for Bush Haters

Unfortunately for the Bush haters, our economy seems to be on an upswing:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - If forecasts can be believed, job growth in January will finally return U.S. employment to where it was before the 2001 recession and erase the jobs lost during President Bush's first term.

Economists say 190,000 jobs were created last month, according to the median estimate from a Reuters survey, boosting the working population to 132.5 million -- just above where it was when President Bill Clinton left office four years ago.

If achieved, the rise in payrolls will be the 17th straight month of growth and, together with an expected upward revision to employment through March 2004, should restore all the jobs erased during and after the 2001 recession.

Not bad for a "stupid" President who supposedly hates poor people, women and minorities, and is in bed with big bad Big Business.

The Democrats are understandably getting hysterical. In all of the State of Union addresses I've watched, I have never EVER heard a President getting booed, as was the case when President Bush was talking about overhauling Social Security last night.

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