Monday, February 14, 2005


Hillary Clinton Praises U.N.

At the annual Munich Conference on Security Policy, Hillary Clinton praised the U.N. and criticized President Bush (a reflexive action on the part of liberals).

She said the Bush administration and "its conservative allies" had been wrong to denounce the United Nations "in violent terms," since the decisions to deny authority for military action in Iraq were made by the member countries themselves.

These "other nations" along with the U.N. were being paid off quite nicely under the corrupt Oil For Food program.

In fact the head of that program, Benon Sevan has blocked audits of his office around the same time he was accused of soliciting lucrative oil deals from Iraq, according to investigators.

Yet none of this seems to bother Clinton. Also, for someone who has portrayed herself as being for the rights of women and children, Clinton doesn't have anything bad to say about U.N. "peacekeepers" raping young women and girls in the Congo.

As far as I'm concerned, President Bush is way too *soft* on the U.N. If it were up to me, I'd throw the U.N. out and sell all that Manhattan real estate to Donald Trump so he could build apartments there.

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