Monday, February 14, 2005


The High Price of Promiscuity

Namely, a drug resistant form of HIV that quickly morphs into AIDS.

City health officials announced on Friday that they had detected the rare strain of H.I.V. in one man whose case they described as particularly worrisome because it merged two unusual features: resistance to nearly all anti-retroviral drugs used to treat the infection, and stunningly swift progression from infection to full-fledged AIDS.

The infected man, gay and in his 40's, tested negative for H.I.V. in May 2003, then tested positive last December, health officials said. Investigators believe he may have contracted the virus in October when he engaged in unprotected anal sex with multiple partners while using crystal methamphetamine.

AIDS experts and public health officials have long maintained that since the development of anti-retroviral drugs in the 1990's, people have developed a false sense that AIDS no longer poses a significant threat, leading to a rise in unprotected sex.

...and 40 percent said that they had not used condoms the last time they had sex. At the time, Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, the city health commissioner, attributed the results to "H.I.V. precaution burnout."

Sounds more like plain immaturity and stupidity to me. Now I don't care if you're a man, woman, straight, gay, bi, black, white or purple, sleeping around has always had consequences, some obviously worse than others. Drugs or no drugs, how can risking your life for a "fun" night on the town be worth it?

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