Sunday, February 27, 2005


Chi Chi Manhattanites Latest Whine

In the chronically Blue state of New York, there are some chi chi residents of Manhattan who lament that a $100K salary is insufficient.

It's just not enough to buy a condo on the Upper West Side, wear fancy designer clothing, eat out at fancy restaurants, and have $4.00 lattes from Starbucks.

According this New York Times article, the new Holy Grail is $200K per year.

As I see it, these "chi chi" types would have more money in their hands if their asses weren't being taxed so heavily. But this being The New York Times, no mention is made of taxes. And somehow, I have the gut feeling these people are all liberals. I mean, all they seem to do is whine. They don't mention how much of their money they save (if anything). It's all about spending.

Sound familiar?

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