Thursday, February 03, 2005


Arizona Volunteer Group Takes Up Border Patrol

Hundreds of volunteers for a group called The Minuteman Project will spend the month of April patrolling the Arizona/Mexico border in order to apprehend illegal aliens coming to the U.S.

Federal agents and local officials have expressed concern:

"We worry about any person or private group that takes the immigration laws into their own hands," said Andy Adame, a spokesman for the Border Patrol's Tucson sector. "This is a violent area. We deal with drug smugglers every day. We don't want to say we don't want the public's help; we just don't want it in this format."

Adame said it was fine for civilians to report illegal immigrants, but detaining them would raise legal problems.

"These people need to be aware that we will forward any violations of the law to local prosecutors," he said.

Well maybe if there were more border patrol agents and if they were at all serious about apprehending illegal aliens, this wouldn't be an issue.

Mayor Ray Borane of Douglas, AZ, a small city that's 86% Latino is crying "racism:"

"You are going to get every misfit, everyone with a warrant out for their arrest, everyone who needs new scenery or climate out here," he said. "If they come into this community, it could lead to an international incident."

Oh, so now people who want to protect their communities, their property, their culture, their tax money, and their very lives are racists?

Call me ignorant or not nuanced, but isn't it the job of an elected official to uphold the country's Constitution and laws, along with protecting citizens from the initiation of physical force? And how about their property rights while we're at it?

Via Free Republic:

Borane said having a private organization come in to do the work the federal government should be doing is ridiculous.

"The (federal) government should be embarrassed that such a group is coming to help enforce federal immigration laws," he said.

Why is it ridiculous? Usually, the private sector, which has to worry about free market competition, unlike government monopolies, does a better job of almost everything. So yes, I agree, the federal government should be embarrassed at the shoddy job it's doing of protecting our borders.

Yet the only thing this so-called Mayor seems to care about are international incidents.


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