Monday, January 03, 2005


Undermining the U.N.

Clare Short believes that President Bush must not undermine the U.N. with regard to international efforts to help the Tsunami victims in Asia.

In Ms. Short's view, the U.N. and its agencies are not culpable for the violence taking place in Darfur, the genocide in Rwanda and the Oil For Food Scandal. The U.S. and the U.K are, since they dominate the Security Council.

I find this growing appetite for UN bashing very worrying. In a period of growing international disorder, humanitarian crisis and environmental threat, there is a major push by the world's strongest power to undermine the only system we have for taking co-ordinated action to enforce peace, respond to humanitarian crisis and reach environmental agreements.

Personally, I wonder if Ms. Short finds THIS disturbing.

Is it ok to rape young girls as long as the rapists are part of an organization with large role in the "international humanitarian system?"

Somehow I suspect it would ok with Ms. Short as long as there was an opportunity to bash the United States and President Bush.

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