Friday, January 14, 2005


Some Lefties Have No Self Respect

The re-election of President Bush for a second term is just too embarrassing for some lefties whose raison d'etre lately seems to be kissing foreign tukhas (backside) across the Pond:

NEW YORK - After spending 10 days in London with friends who were outspoken about their disdain for President Bush’s policies, Berns Rothchild came home wishing she had a way to show the world she didn’t vote for him.

“I sort of felt ashamed, and didn’t really want to be associated with being an American,” said Rothchild, who lives in New York City and voted for John Kerry.

At this point, you all might be wondering if Ms. Rothchild decided to pack up and move to Germany.

Unfortunately, that's not happening. And quite frankly, I *might* even have a modicum of respect for people who actually leave the country and give up their citizenship, as they would be backing up their blather with some action. But then again, these people are all talk and nothing more.

Instead, Rothchild, and other Kerry supporters decided to sell plastic bracelets, inspired by Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG wrist bands. Rothchild's bracelets are blue , and say "Count Me Blue." And there are other bracelets that say I DID NOT VOTE 4 BUSH.

However, conservative's are getting in on the action too, starting with Bern Rothchild's father John.

John Rothchild, a Miami Beach, Fla., resident who voted for Bush, has invested in 5,000 “COUNT ME RED” bracelets.

He has hired his daughter’s boyfriend, who created her Web site, to create his, which he launched this week.

“Now we’re sort of having a father-daughter competition to see who can sell more,” Berns Rothchild said.


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