Monday, January 10, 2005


NOW Leader on the Warpath

Kim Gandy, leader of the National Organization for Women, pledged yesterday to hound President Bush on reproductive rights, same sex marriage, social security, minimum wage and the war in Iraq. Gandy ranted as follows:

"What about abstinence only?" she asked, referring to Bush's view on sex education. "Don't you just love to call it `ignorance only'? It's a form of `femicide' -- keeping women in the dark, afraid or calling them sinners or wanton."

I'm sure everyone will agree that abstinence is the only form of birth control that is 100% effective. Also actions have consequences -- That is, a woman can get pregnant from having sex. And extra-marital sex ALWAYS has consequences.

Bush's push to privatize Social Security will hurt women, who typically live longer than men and are less likely to have a pension from work, according to NOW.

I don't know what planet Ms. Gandy has been living on, but in this day and age, stay at home wives are not the norm, thanks on one end, to our punitive tax system. I also have a hard time believing that Ms. Gandy and other liberal women rely solely on Social Security to finance their retirement. You can be sure those women are investing in stocks. But they don't want that freedom for the poor women they are supposedly championing.

Yet I'm not surprised. NOW is really all about having bigger government, and opposing capitalism by redistributing wealth.

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