Thursday, January 20, 2005


Freaking Hoodlums

George W. Bush's re-election is just too much for some on the left, who turned violent during the inaugural parade.

Several dozen protesters thronged toward the security fence, lobbing bottles, trash and snowballs at police, witnesses said. More than 100 police officers were at the scene where hundreds of protesters had gathered.

A small group of anti-Bush demonstrators overturned several of the metal security barricades, and a handful of protesters broke through.

Witnesses said they saw police use pepper spray against some of the protesters.

Also along the route toward the White House, protesters set a small fire close to the barricades.

Hate to break it to you spoiled brats, but harming police officers, setting fires and stampeding barricades won't do anything to advance your cause. It will just make you look like the out-of-touch, America hating, filthy, smelly hoodlums you truly are.

And face it, these people wouldn't be whining about voting machine irregularities, discrimination and a stolen election if John Kerry had won Ohio. It would have just been the will of the people, fair and square.

Anyway, here's a group of women who I'm sure is very happy that President Bush got re-elected. Will we hear about this from the American feminists? No way, since it doesn't afford them an opportunity to bash the President.


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