Sunday, January 23, 2005


Enviro-Wackos In Bed With Islamic Fanatics

Maybe not literally but in my opinion, both groups have a deep hatred for human beings who want to pursue their rational self interests, who by doing so, rise beyond the level of a caveman living "at one" with nature.

With the price of crude oil increasing 2.7% to $48.60 a barrel, and all the killings going on in Iraq, one would think that drilling for oil in our own country would be a good thing. I mean, why give money to rogue states who support terror? For me, it's a no-brainer.

But not for the enviro-wackos
Whenever there's the possibility of drilling for oil in Alaska, for the benefit of HUMAN BEINGS, the enviro-wackos will always side with animals, or nature, which, in their view has a right to exist just for the sake of existing.

While most of the 22 million-acre reserve is open to oil development, its lake-pocked northeastern corner has been fenced off, dating back to the Reagan administration, because of environmental concerns. That area also is viewed as having the highest oil and gas potential within the reserve.

The Fish and Wildlife Service, which like the BLM is part of the Interior Department, has said the area around Lake Teshekpuk in the northeast corner of the NPRA is among the most important molting areas in the entire Arctic for wild geese. It is also used for calving and insect relief by herds of caribou.

The BLM, however, has concluded that more than 400,000 acres surrounding Lake Teshekpuk should be opened for exploratory drilling with restrictions. The government estimates the area contains about 2 billion barrels of economically recoverable oil and 3.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

Henri Bisson, the BLM's Alaska director, outlined the planned action in a speech posted Friday on the agency's Web site, predicting the decision will prompt strong criticism from environmental activists and a likely lawsuit.

Well, if at first you don't' succeed, sue and sue again.


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