Thursday, December 02, 2004


Scott Peterson's Father To Take Stand in Penalty Phase of Trial

Yesterday, Lee Peterson, father of Scott Peterson who was found guilty of the murder of his wife Laci and their unborn son Connor, took the stand to paint a softer picture of his son, describing him as:
"a perfect baby" who became a hard-working young man intent on putting himself through college despite his family's advantages.

"He was sunny, motivated, always took care of business, always had a direction," Lee Peterson said as his son's defense lawyers opened their case in the penalty phase of his double-murder trial. "You wouldn't catch him lying around in bed."

Lee Peterson recalled when he gave Scott his first golf club at 3 and how the two of them bonded over a game both loved. He said Scott had dreams of professional golf and followed a high school teammate, future star Phil Mickelson, to college in Arizona. But after a semester, Scott realized the limits of his talent and returned to California, his father said.

Well, not to burst Ditzo's bubble, but murdering your wife and unborn child cancels out all the mumbo jumbo sprouted above.

And what kind of cold, depraved, sociopathic human being could deliberately kill his pregnant wife just to be free to whore around? (I'm sure there are plenty.) I'm sure with someone like this (Scott) there were plenty of signs. Perhaps Laci was so in love and happy to be pregnant that she totally missed them. Or maybe she sensed something was off, but couldn't bring herself to admit how bad the situation was. Love is blind, they say.

But we'll never know.


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