Saturday, December 11, 2004


NYC Moonbats Continue to Protest Removal of Hawks Nest

NYC moonbats protesting removal of hawk's nest Posted by Hello

Moonbats holding a candlelight vigil for the Hawks Posted by Hello

Some people, unfortunately way too many, just can't understand the concept of not wanting to step over bird droppings, along with pigeon and rat carcasses when walking out the door of a ten million dollar apartment. Indeed no one should be exposed to that.

To them, and Mary Tyler Moore, it's irrelevant that the animals these birds of prey bring to their nest, kill, and tear apart for food, can cause a health hazard, say for example, contamination, Lyme disease and the West Nile Virus. But noooo!! Pale Male and his mate Lola must not be homeless!

Also, I was amazed by the letters to the editor of the New York Times.

Here's one that I found the most offensive:

I am like most New Yorkers. We live in cramped apartments without views. We climb endless staircases laden with groceries and laundry. We stand body to body in hot subway cars and deal with roaches as big as kiwi fruit and rats as big as dogs.

So it is inconceivable to me that the residents of 927 Fifth Avenue, with their vast, luxury apartments and coveted park views, can't deal with a little waste.

Last spring, I was part of a spontaneous gathering in the park that paused to watch the red-tailed hawks go to and from their nest high above 927 Fifth. Like us, they found special ways to be resilient in a city that is often inhospitable.

I only hope that the hawks can continue to thrive despite those selfish residents of 927 Fifth who have sacrificed the pleasure of many for a cleaner facade.

This comment of typical of the collective/statist/liberal mentality. It seems that in this woman's view, people who have paid million dollars to live in Manhattan's most exclusive neighborhood, should sacrifice their hygiene for the sake of the collective massess who like viewing the hawks through their telescopes. The fact is, it's their apartment and their property to do with as they wish. And if they don't want a huge hawk's nest on it, then that's their right.

It seems to me like Mary Tyler Moore, and the rest of these ditzy moonbats could use a good therapy session with Dr. Charles Krauthammer. He would straighten them out for good.


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