Wednesday, December 08, 2004


NYC Liberals Outraged Over Removal of Hawk's Nest Above Central Park

Manhattan's koo koo liberal celebrities and environmentalists are at it again, this time over the removal of a hawk's nest built on the cornice of the luxury co-op building at 927 Fifth Avenue, at 74th Street.

Actress Mary Tyler Moore, a fifteen year tenant of the coop was quite bent out of shape:

"I am so outraged that they would do this without so much as a by your leave," said Mary Tyler Moore, who has lived for 15 years in the co-op at 927 Fifth Avenue, at 74th Street, where the nest was built in 1993 above a cornice in clear view of Central Park.

"These birds just kept coming back to the edge of the building, and people kept coming back to see them," said Ms. Moore, who recalled at first craning her neck outside one of her windows to look up at the bottom of the nest. In more recent years, she said, she has strolled frequently across Fifth Avenue to Central Park for a better view.

"This was something we like to talk about: a kinder, gentler world, and now it's gone," Ms. Moore said last night.

Well I hate to break it to Ms. Moore and the other liberals, but there's nothing kinder and gentler about having to step over large bird droppings and pigeon carcasses every day, especially when you've forked over millions of dollars to live in Manhattan's most exclusive neighborhood.

And for the life of me, I can't understand anyone who says the rights of hawks to build their nests and lay eggs wherever they please trumps those of human beings.


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