Saturday, December 11, 2004


New Anti-Terrorist Intelligence Bill Causes Concern Among Civil Liberties Groups

Civil liberty critics say that this legislation will weaken civil liberties and further erode privacy (boo whooo freaking whooo).

The new legislation broadens prohibitions against providing material support to terror groups, makes it a crime to visit a terror camp that provides military-style training and allows the FBI to obtain secret surveillance warrants against "lone wolf" extremists not known to be tied to a specific terrorist group. It also makes terrorism hoaxes a federal crime and toughens penalties against people who possess weapons of mass destruction.

So far so good.

But there's more to keeping Americans safe. Half of it includes sealing off our porous borders. And no politician, be they Democrat or Republican will go near the problem of illegal immigration with a ten foot pole. And that's a shame, when you have border town hospitals going bankrupt and heinous crimes being committed by people who shouldn't even be here in the first place.

Take for example the case of the Salvadoran gang member who admitted yesterday in a Fairfax County court that he lead the gang rape of a woman, whom he ended up killing by kicking her in the neck with such force that her left vertebral artery was ruptured.
In 2002, Hernandez went to Georgia, where he was arrested and deported. He told immigration authorities he was Mexican, so they sent him to Mexico, he told police. He quickly reentered the United States through Texas. Later that year, he robbed and beat a small child in Houston and was arrested.

In August 2002, detectives Perez, Dennis Harris and John Vickery interrogated Hernandez in a Texas prison. Vickery said Hernandez admitted the rape but not the slaying. In a subsequent conversation with Perez, he acknowledged kicking Garcia. He also admitted participating in a stabbing in Alexandria three days after Garcia's slaying and said he intended to kill the victim, who escaped. He still faces charges in that case.

But then again, to some people, the problem is that there AREN'T ENOUGH benefits for those who enter our country illegally.

According to a study done by the University of California, the Souteastern part of the United States has the nation's fastest growing Hispanic population, and the educators in those states are the least prepared for them.

U.S. Census surveys show that Latinos have a higher dropout rate than their white and Asian classmates. To the researchers at the University of California, some of the problems are:

parents who don't get involved in schools because they don't know English, and perhaps had little formal education themselves; and the barring of undocumented immigrants from competing for scholarships or even getting in-state tuition, making college prohibitively expensive.

As an aside, I think it would help if you came to this country to be an American. Otherwise, notice the use of the terms "undocumented immigrants." What part of "illegal" don't these moonbats understand? And why should they be rewarded for breaking our laws by being given in-state tuition rates?

Oy. Such lunacy!

The study then wrote about the techniques some schools used to teach tolerance and to make the non-English students feel welcome:

In North Carolina, for example, teachers tried an experiment to teach tolerance to their American students. For one day, all signs in a classroom were written in Spanish, and teacher was brought in who spoke only Spanish. The Spanish-speaking students were the only ones able to answer questions and follow the lesson, teaching their white peers that the immigrants are not stupid.

For one thing, I can't imagine this happening in another country.


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