Tuesday, December 14, 2004


More Sore Losers

It seems that some on the left can't accept the fact that George W. Bush was re-elected fair and square. Protesters are urging Ohio's delegation to the Electoral College to delay casting their votes. They don't accept that Bush won Ohio by 119,000 votes, thus winning the 20 electoral votes necessary to get re-elected.

Meanwhile in Manhattan, we have another sore loser, an artist by the name of Chris Savido. His portrait, Bush Monkeys shows from afar a painting of President Bush. But when looking at the painting closely, one can see that the image is made up of monkeys and chimpanzees swimming in a marsh.
The painting created quite a stir when it was shown at the Chelsea Market public space, leading the managers to shut down the exhibit.

Naturally, Savido is crying "censorship." He's mortified about the loss of freedom of expression.

These moonbats don't even know what censorship or freedom of speech really is. What the law really means is that the government can't jail him for his offensive portrait of president Bush, or for saying that he hates the President. It DOES NOT mean that tax payers or anyone should have to pay for a forum for the expression of ideas which they find repugnant.

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