Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Joan, Melissa Rivers Back on Red Carpet

Joan and Melissa Rivers will be back on the Red Carpet critiquing celebrity fashion starting with the Golden Globe Awards next month. They were temporarily replaced by Starr Jones due to contractual issues with E Entertainment Television, which have have apparently been straightened out.

I say, more power to them since I think Joan Rivers is hillarious. Still Melissa and Joan Rivers are not without their critics, who say the duo is way too nasty. Boo hoo freaking whoooo!

Here's how I see it. When reading a computer magazine, one expects to get an honest look at the best and worst rated computers. The same holds true of audio equipment magazines. But if you open up a fashion magazine, you won't get any of that. You'll never read about a fashion writer saying a certain outfit is ugly or that it's unrealistic for a woman of a certain age to wear. Quite the contrary. Every new design is presented as the latest greatest must-have. So, if low-slung pants make you look six months pregnant, then it's up to YOU to diet, do abdominal crunches and/or get liposuction so as not to look pregnant -- heck, the magazine will have covered those topics as well.

So I say Joan and Melissa Rivers should bring it on!


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