Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Does This Really Need to Be Made Public?

Things like this just strike me as just another way for the mainstream media to undermine the war on terror and to take a swipe at President Bush.

And this bit of news also seems like the same thing to me.

In the case of the torture allegations at Guantanamo starting in 2002, my thought is that those terrorist prisoners are being treated way more humanely than they would have if Saddam were running the place. Also, fron what I understand, the Geneva convention only applies to soldiers in uniform of a specific country. These insurgents, would, I believe, be considered guerillas, who are not covered.

And finally, I'm have a hard time getting worked up over the so-called mistreatment/torture of these terrorists. Remember, these people are in Guantanamo because they were caught trying to kill, or helping those trying to kill coalition soldiers.

In the case of the CIA Bagdad Chief, what is the point of broadcasting to the whole world that there are problems in Iraq? It only emboldens all the terrorists and their rogue state sugar daddies.

The only thing that comes to my mind is that the mainstream media has it in for President Bush. So they'll do anything, even if it means endangering our soldiers, and undermining the resolve of our country to see this through, to make President Bush look bad.

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