Thursday, December 02, 2004


The Continuing Saga of Kofi Annan

Guess what folks --

France, Germany, Russia AND Britain are sticking up for Kofi Annan regarding the oil for food scandal. I mean, what else would France Germany and Russia do? I was surprised a little regarding Britain.

Norm Coleman the other day called for Annan's resignation. But that's not enough. The whole U.N. is rotten to the core. I say throw them the hell out of our country, and stop giving them our hard-earned tax dollars. Let them take up residence in Sudan or any other rogue state.

After all, just think of the many apartments that can be built in that huge space in Manhattan. Maybe, just MAYBE then New York City rents won't be soooo sky high. But then again, that's just wishfull thinking on my part.


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