Tuesday, November 30, 2004


THIS Is What a Moral Compass Is

His name is Steve Gardner, otherwise known as "The 10th Brother" in the traitor John Kerry's "Band of Brothers." Gardner is one of two members of Kerry's swiftboat who refused to stand with him at the Democratic National Convention. He has spoken out against Kerry through newspaper stories and radio interviews, and now, he is being villified, and fired from his job, via email, at Millenium Information Services.

Gardner told this story and others to radio stations and he wrote a piece for the local paper. Then, he says, he received a phone call from John Hurley, the veterans organizer for Kerry's campaign. Hurley, Gardner says, asked him to come out for Kerry. He told Hurley to leave him alone and that he'd never be for Kerry. It was then Gardner says, he was threatened with, "You better watch your step. We can look into your finances."

And, even though Gardner is broke and jobless for speaking out, the husband and father of three says he'd do it all over again. He says it wasn't for politics. It was for America.

Now THIS is a true patriot and hero.


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