Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Sarah Jessica Parker Soap Ad Too Risque

An Israeli billboard featuring Sarah Jessica Parker dressed in a skimpy spaghetti strap dress, a la "Carrie Bradshaw" promoting Lux soap, was apparently too risque for a senior Orthodox Rabbi. Within twenty four hours, the rabbi threatened to have Israel's Orthodox Jewish community boycott all Unilever products. So naturally, the Unilever people complied, and replaced it with a poster of Parker in a long sleeved gown covering her shoulders.

"We decided to make her dress more suitable for the winter weather," a Unilever spokesman explained.

Yeah right!

These days, it seems that evening dresses are almost identical to negligees. I mean, G-d forbid you're not a flat chested woman!!! And as nice as some negligees may be, I believe they are for bed, not for dressy evening affairs. When I see pictures of models and actresses in these types of dresses, it just looks to me like they only did their hair and makeup and didn't bother getting dressed.

And don't get me started on wedding dresses. Not that I'm engaged or even involved with anyone, but most of the ones I see (with the exception being those of European royalty in Vanidades magazine) are like negligees with poufy bottoms.

When I mentioned this to my Mother, she said that I tend to look like a nun/Orthodox Jewish lady...and that I should at least expose my lower arms because it's "the style."


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