Wednesday, November 24, 2004


"Preppy Killer" Arrested on Drug Charges

"Preppy Killer" Robert Chambers has been arrested on a drug charge a year and a half after his release from prison for the murder of then 18 year old Jennifer Levin in 1986 Chambers was in jail for fifteen years for strangling Levin during a tryst in Central Park. Chambers claimed he accidentally killed her during rough sex. Prosecutors said it was because he was drunk, on drugs, and in a rage because he couldn't perform sexually.

This article reminded me of Alex Kelly, the well to do rapist of Darien, CT. Fortunately, his victims *were* able to tell their side of the story.

Both Chambers and Kelly had looks and affluence going for them. In Kelly's case, he managed to flee to Europe for eight years, on account of his family's money.

Who knows what was going through Jennifer Levin's head, or what she expected from the evening as she left the "Dorians" bar in Manhattan's Upper East Side to go off with Chambers. (I read many years ago that the owners of "Dorians" wanted to chip in for Chambers' defense.) Kelly's victim didn't want the embarrassment of being picked up by her father from a party, so she accepted a ride from him.

But now as I type this post, I'm thinking that some of you will say, "but Zelda, the situations aren't the same." Granted, Levin probably wasn't adverse to the idea of having a fling with a pretty boy. However, the acts of violence of both these men show the same type of hatred and depravity.

I just wonder what prison people were thinking by releasing Chambers.

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