Thursday, November 18, 2004


Let's Give Kevin Sites a Piece of Our Mind!

It turns out that Falluja videographer Kevin Sites doesn't even work for NBC. He's a freelancer, and incidentally, an anti-war activist:

Kevin Sites, the NBC "journalist" who shot the video of the United States Marine capping that terrorist..... guess what, turns out he doesn't work for NBC - he is a freelancer, and he doesn't appear to be a journalist either, not in the traditional sense anyway. More in the vein of propagandist Amy Goodman and her Democracy Now! - an Internet & cable public access anti-US venom factory.

Sites, it turns out, is an anti-war activist who posts his work here: and maintains a blog here:

Here is NBC defending Sites, on al Jazeera no less!

I think this proves once and for all, that the MSM is not the least bit objective -- they hate this country and want the terrorists to win. Let's all let them know that we're on to them.


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