Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Foreigners' Reaction to Bush's Re-election

Via Reuters, here's a look at what the Middle-Eastern media has to say:
Khaled Maeena, editor of Saudi newspaper Arab News, said: "Four more years means (Bush) will be relentless in fighting so-called terrorism. More innocent people will be victims ... All the Saudis I've seen so far are disappointed."

Translation: Waaaa, we can no longer get away with paying money to suicide bombers to kill innocent people, and to Madrassas that teach Muslims to hate and kill infidels. That sucks.

Sami Abu Zuhri of the Palestinian group Hamas which is fighting Israel, said: "We urge the new American administration to reconsider its positions ... Until they (do so) we will continue to regard the U.S. administration as hostile to our Arab and Muslim causes."

Translation: Too bad that stupid leader of the Great Satan, who LOVES the Little Satan, Israel got re-elected.

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