Friday, November 12, 2004


Environmentalists Promise to Protest ANWR Drilling

According the CNS News, a coalition of earth-worshipping, misanthropic environmental groups is geared to oppose drilling for oil in the ANWR on the grounds that it's harmful to our beloved environment.

Now you may say to yourselves, that Zelda is crazy to call these people misanthropes...that a pure environment keeps us all healthy in the long run, etc. But as I see it, we're in a war against terror, and the rogue terror states are in possession of vast amounts of...oil! Every dollar that we give these rogue states for oil allows them to fund terror training madrassas, and to build nukes. Yet the main worry of the environments is the wildlife.

Still other misguided people believe the answer is to consume less energy. To me that's kind of like telling a sick person to seek less treatment. They don't take into account that human beings are creative and resourceful....that we initially went from burning wood to using whale oil, and when that got scarce, coal, and finally petroleum.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin sums it up perfectly.

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