Monday, November 22, 2004


Donald Trump's Casino Empire Files For Bankruptcy

Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts, Inc filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from its creditors on Sunday at a bankruptcy court in Camden, NJ.

Somehow I'm not surprised. Granted I heard he was having financial troubles months ago, but that's still not why I'm shocked.

It seems to me that if this lecherous old fart of a publicity whore paid more attention to running his business, as opposed to say, bedding and disposing of one bimbo after another, then he wouldn't be in this predicament. And frankly, his penchant for silicone-enhanced bimboes and his reality show "The Apprentice" is lately the only context in which I hear of him.

And speaking of reality shows, I'm sure many people enjoy them, but I have no interest in them whatsoever. I guess it's for the same reason that I don't like getting a closer look at car accidents. In general, I hate the idea of shows that pit women against each other just for the attention of a man who has the advantage of being able dally with each woman before choosing one. I hate the idea of watching people humiliate each other and themselves. And finally, I hate the idea of watching a tv show where someone always gets fired at the end, for entertainment. (It's happened to me and there's nothing entertaining about it whatsoever. In fact for many people it's almost as traumatic as losing a loved one.)

But for more on Trump, click here.

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