Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Call Me at Heartless Bitch But...

I really don't understand hoopla over this shooting of a wounded insurgent inside a Falluja mosque. After all, these are people who kill our soldiers and who kidnap and behead innocent people. I mean, it's not like they ran a stop sign or something.

The MSM is naturally, causing trouble once more with one of NBC's reporters shooting footage of the shooting, pardon the pun.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the U.N. who never once condemned homicide bombings, is chiming in saying that the U.S. engaged in a "disproportionate use of force."

They pontificate as follows:

Those responsible for any violations -- U.S. and multinational forces, Iraqi government troops or insurgents -- should be brought to justice, the former U.N. war crimes prosecutor said in a statement.

The ICRC is very worried about the humanitarian situation in Falluja, because we are receiving information from families that are still there that the injured have no access to medical care," Rana Sidani told Reuters.

The ICRC did not know how many people were left in the shattered city of 300,000, but the Iraqi Red Crescent put the figure at around 150 families, she added.

On another note, a sixteen year old boy has been sentenced to six years in a juvenile detention facility in Spain for helping to steal and transport the dynamite used in the Madrid train bombings of March 11, 2004

Now am I the only one that thinks this sentence is way too lenient? If anything the boy, and his family should be stripped of their Spanish citizenship and deported to the Middle Eastern country of their choice. The reason I include his family is that if parents can't teach their kids that it's wrong to kill, or help kill innocents, then I'd have to say, they've screwed up ROYALLY as parents.

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