Friday, October 08, 2004


Bush Kicked Butt!

President Bush really came out swinging with this last debate. Even with the release of the Duelfur Report (sp?) it was like night and day, compared to the first one.

Here are some things that stood out for me.

John Kerry is back to using that wealthy 1% line that Al Whore used to always use.

Kerry also charged that the world is now more dangerous because of President Bush's "judgment"...That he wouldn't have rushed to war...That he would have used it "wisely." It's the same old bullshit about getting a bigger coalition, namely his beloved France and Germany involved, under the guise of "working with our allies." Puhleeze!!

But just as usual, John Kerry contradicted himself. In one breath, he said that we rushed to war, didn't give Hans Blix enough time...didn't give the sanctions more time. But when asked about how he'd deal with Iraq, Kerry said "I don't think you can rely on just sanctions."

Still I think President Bush missed several opportunities to flush this John down the toilet once and for all.

Fist off, President Bush could have more forcefully said that this war is not just about Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden because Kerry kept bringing him up.

Also, regarding Iraq, I really wished President Bush would have brought up the fact that after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, we joined the War in Europe and North Africa. Can you imagine anyone of that day saying that Roosevelt lacked judgment...That he fell down on the job for sending troops to Europe and North Africa? I don't think so.

President Bush should have also brought up the fact that Kerry (and other Democrats) also opposed the first Gulf War when we had a bigger coalition AND authorization to use force from the U.N. That would have been amazing.

Regarding tax cuts, President Bush presented his position forcefully. But I think what he really need to convey is that Kerry with his rhetoric of the 1% people is denigrating this country's producers. It would be safe to say that everyone in the audience, or all of us in the world aspire to be able to make that kind of money, and that Kerry's rhetoric and policies would only end up penalizing the producers and creators.

And last but not least, Kerry brought up bunker busting technologies again...and how it's no fair that we have them but other (rogue?) countries cannot. At this point, President Bush should have exposed Kerry for the moral relativist that he truly is. I mean how is it possible to morally compare the United States with, say, North Korea?

So to sum up, President Bush looked much more relaxed and responded more forcefully this time. He appeared warmer and more likeable than Kerry. This Town Hall type set up really worked for him...The questions were very intelligent. But if he were more forceful, he could have made shish kebob out of Kerry's balls.


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