Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Bush Flushed The John!

President Bush was amazing in this very last debate. He looked relaxed, energized, warm and enthusiastic. All at the same time. And I thought he would have beaten Kerry on the foreign policy debate.

In no particular order, here are some of President Bush's points that I think he put forth beautifully.

Regarding Afghanistan, it was awesome that they had their first election in ages, with the first person to vote being a 19-year old young woman.

He also did a good job of stressing that, along with keeping the homeland safe, that he's bringing the war to the terrorists. Later on he brought up the "global test" comment which rightly put Kerry on the defensive.

The flu vaccination question was a little inane. I have to say I wasn't crazy about President Bush's response to that.

But, regarding the cost of healthcare question, President Bush put it perfectly when he said there are several contributing factors. What jumped out at me was the comment that the costs are being borne by a third party -- that it's not just between you and your doctor.

Another thing I think President Bush did very well, that he should have done more of in the second debate was to point out Kerry's record in the Senate. The clincher was when the President brought up how Kerry opposed the first Gulf War when there was an even bigger coalition and the U.N gave the go ahead. He made shish kebob out of Kerry's balls with that one.

Kerry was also on the defensive in terms of the social security issue. Karol correctly pointed out that his main response to how he would pay for social security, health care, education, and pretty much everything and the kitchen sink, would be to "roll back" the tax cuts on people making over $200,000 per year.

The sad thing is, there are lots of people who think it's ok to tax "the rich" as if being rich automatically means you didn't work to achieve the wealth -- that the wealth is somehow ill-begotten --that if you're rich, you have less of a right to your money than if you were less prosperous. They blank out on the fact that it's not their money to take. These people will all be voting for Kerry. Many of these people hate President Bush with a passion that goes far beyond disagreeing with his policies.

So as I see it, this race will be very heated and close, and I'm sure there will be lots more lawsuits, thanks to that beloved trendsetter Al Whore, if Bush wins.


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